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-A group about all those pokemon that people catch just for the sake of it.
-For all those pokemon who people forget about.
-All those who when people are asked 'what's your favourite pokemon?' people immediately think away from them.
-Pokemon that sit in PC boxes gathering dust.
-The rejected pokemon in our lives that never get any attention or are just too weird/weak/obscure for people to care about.
-With this group, we can try to get people to like rejected pokemon again!
-Also, we accept Gijinka now.
Founded 5 Years ago
Apr 12, 2011


Group Focus
Rejected Pokemon

59 Members
51 Watchers
5,594 Pageviews
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Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate out there!
I thank you all again for your contributions!
Just to clarify, the pokemon on the list are not necessarily ones that aren't liked but ones that aren't used.
Thank you all again, and until net time, have a great Christmas/New Year break!

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List of Rejected Pokemon

A list of just some of the rejected pokemon out there:

-Wartortle :iconwartortleplz:
-Oshawott :iconoshawottplz:
-Dunsparce :icondunsparceplz:
-Graveler :icongravelerplz:
-Seviper :iconseviperplz:
-Smeargle :iconsmeargleplz:
-Sudowoodo :iconsudowoodoplz:
-Magikarp :iconmagikarpplz:
-Treekco :icontreeckoplz:
-Lombre No plz Account
-Vibrava :iconvibravaplz:
-Shuckle :iconshuckleplz:
-Clamperl No plz account
-Makuhita No plz account
-Nincada :iconnincadaplz:
-Seedot :iconseedotplz:
-Pelliper No plz account
-Bidoof :iconbidoofplz:
-Bibarel :iconbibarelplz:
-Raticate No plz account
-Tepig :iconpokabuplz:
-Turtwig :iconturtwigplz:
-Kakuna :iconkakunaplz:
-Metapod :iconmetapodplz:
-Gloom :icongloomplz:
-Tauros :icontaurosplz:
-Unown :iconunownplz:
-Stunky No plz account
-Numel :iconnumelplz:
-Trubbish :icontrubbishplz:
-Garbodor :icongarbodorplz:
-Vanillite No plz account
-Pansage :iconpansageplz:
-Pansear :iconpansearplz:
-Panpour :iconpanpourplz:
-Simisage :iconsimisageplz:
-Simisear :iconsimisearplz:
-Simipour :iconsimipourplz:
-Munna :iconmunnaplz:
-Musharna :iconmusharnaplz:
-Crobat :iconcrobatplz:
-Gothitelle No plz account
-Porygon :iconporygonplz:
-Mawile :iconmawileplz:
-Cacturne :iconcacturneplz:
-Quilfish No plz account
-Quagsire No plz account
-Cresselia :iconcresseliaplz:
-Feebas :iconfeebasplz:
-Azumarill :iconazumarillplz:
-Oddish :iconoddishplz:
-Diglett :icondiglettplz:
-Aron :iconaronplz:
-Larion No plz account
-Zigzagoon No plz account
-Linnone :iconlinooneplz:
-Gear No plz account
-Gigear No plz account
-Gigigear No plz account
-Vanillish :iconvanillishplz:
-Vanilluxe :iconvanilluxeplz:
-Bronzor :iconbronzorplz:
-Bronzong No plz account
-Smoochum :iconsmoochumplz:
-Jynx :iconjynxplz:
-Kricketot :iconkricketotplz:
-Stunfisk :iconstunfiskplz:
-Foongus No plz account
-Amoongus No plz account
-Luvdisc :iconluvdiscplz:
-Gothita :icongothitaplz:
-Gothorita :icongothoritaplz:
-Cascoon :iconcascoonplz:
-Silcoon No plz account
-Burmy No plz account
-Mothim :iconmothimplz:
-Wormadam :iconwormadamplz:
-Yamask :iconyamaskplz:
-Porygon-Z :iconporygon-zplz:
-Corsola :iconcorsolaplz:
-Spoink :iconspoinkplz:
-Grumpig :icongrumpigplz:
-Mankey :iconmankeyplz:
-Primape No plz account
-Wooper :iconwooperplz:
-Patrat :iconpatratplz:
-Watchog :iconwatchogplz:

If you have any suggestions or want to change the list in any way, contact an admin via note.
Oh, and if you know if there is a plz account for the pokemon you suggest (or a pokemon on the list already that doesn't have one) please add that to your note/contact an admin via note
Thanks :D











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Alien-Snowflake Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Why some of mah faves in the list ._.
Interimnity Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Mankey appears in the list twice.
(1 Reply)
TeamTurtwig Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I hate you! You rejected Turtwig and Tepig! Shoulda kept Oshawott rejected too! <?xml:namespace prefix = da />No, I disagree! Waaaah! 

(1 Reply)
Pfaccioxx Featured By Owner May 2, 2013   General Artist
here's a tip for finding pokemon plz icons, if [pokemon name]plz dos'nt turn up any results
try pokemon name]-plz instead

for example typing in Larionplz results in :iconlarionplz: <_<;;; WT*?!
wile Larion-plz results in :iconlarion-plz: MUCH BETTER!

This can also be used to get better icons on some pokemon
Ex. :iconkakunaplz: > :iconkakuna-plz:
or :iconsmeargleplz: > :iconsmeargle-plz:

Wile it's not garenteed to give you a better icon, often times it dos,
there are outher tricks you can use to get better icons like adding shiny to the start of the icon name or removing the Plz at the end, ext (thoth these alternate methods don't always work)

also on a completely unrelated point if your looking for ander pokemon group to affiliate with may I recommend :iconpokeumans:?
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Grand-Corsair Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
My favorite pokemon is treecko.
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